Thank you for visiting our Rascal Charities’ News page. This is a list of current projects as well as success stories. Our donors and supporters help us make this happen. With your help we can bring hope to rescues and animals in Ohio.

Success Stories


Ava intake RAH

May 9, 2017: Ava is fully recovered and is doing great! Thank you to everyone that helped us assist with this special girl.

April 15, 2017: Ava has done a great job recovering and is able to stand and walk on her own, although she is not strong or brave enough for tile floors yet. The knee is not unstable, so she will not need surgical repair at this time! She is heading to foster to finish her recovery and will soon need a loving home.

April 6, 2017: Ava was taken in to the Adams Co Dog Pound after presumably being hit by a car. Once at the Rascal Animal Hospital, she was found to have neurologic deficits that appear to be from neck trauma resulting in slipped discs. She has multiple rib fractures and a possible tear to her left cranial cruciate ligament. Despite all these injuries, she is extremely sweet and loves attention.

Sadly we believe that her injuries were not from a car but rather from abuse, as she does not have other injuries seen with traffic accidents. We cannot change what happen, but with the help of our supporters we can help her heal and find a forever home that will give her the love and attention she deserves.

To help Ava, visit the DonateNow page through the link below and under ‘designation’ select “Special Case – Ava”


Krull James

Krull James sleeping day 3

UPDATE May 9, 2017: Krull James has fully recovered from his injuries and has been adopted. Thank you so much to those that helped with his care and everyone that followed and shared his story.

Krull James is a 6 week old male kitten who was attacked by the owner’s dog. The injuries were not treated promptly and he developed a life threatening infection on his neck. He was surrendered to Rascal Charities and is being cared for by the staff at the Rascal Animal Hospital.

Once he recovers from his injuries we will have one of our rescue partners help find him a loving forever home. To help him, visit the DonateNow page through the link below and under ‘designation’ select “Special Case – Krull James”



Crash is a 2-yr-old male terrier mix that was the victim of  hit and run accident in Ashville. He suffered a fractured back bone and pelvis. His owners were not found, so Rascal Charities took over his medical care and he was able to make a full recovery from his injuries. DASH Animal Rescue, the group that stepped up to help this guy after two teenagers found him and seeked assistance for him, helped him find a loving forever home. This guy was saved thanks to our supporters.



Sabra is a super cute and lovable Retriever/Pit Mix that was found as a stray in Stark Co back in August of this year. She had two chronic injuries: A luxated and fractured elbow and a severely fractured and displaced tarsal (ankle) fracture. Both had occurred before she came to the shelter. She had a very difficult time getting around, yet she still wanted to meet and kiss everyone she meets.

Thanks to our donors, we raised enough money to repair the rear leg, and she had a reconstruction of her ankle. She is able to maneuver comfortably with her front leg, so we will not be addressing that unless it causes problems. She is fully recovered and in a loving home. This adorable girl was saved thanks to our supporters.



Eva is a very sweet and playful Pit Bull mix rescued by our friends at PetPromise, Inc. She was found a stray with skin problems (Demodex mange), and old injuries to both front and rear right legs. These injuries cause discomfort and do not allow her to walk and run normally. The surgery she needed to repair the front leg required specialized skills, so we raised funds to pay for the procedure to be performed by Dr. Dyce at The Ohio State University.

We received a VERY generous donation from Lisa Miller and Julie Sloat for $1,400!!! That allowed us to get her on the surgery schedule with Dr. Dyce and he reconstructed her leg.

Due to her injuries, Eva had to have knee surgeries on both legs, but her spirit is as strong as ever. She is now back in the care of Pet Promise, so to follow her story and to donate towards her case please visit their website at pet


Nancy Drew

This sweet 8-week-old puppy from Luv4K9s was born with a condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus. An vessel is present that bypasses normal blood flow though the heart, resulting in poor oxygenation and heart disease.

Thanks to your donations, Nancy was able to have her life-saving surgery and is expected to live a normal, happy life.

We did this together!

Thanks to our donors, to Luv4K9s for rescuing her, and to The Ohio State University Cardiology and Soft Tissue Surgery departments for the awesome care she received.


Voy and MaryJane

Voy and Mary Jane are two different pups, from two different counties, that suffered the same injury. Both pups were only 6 weeks old at the time of the incident and they were victim of simply being curious pups. They ventured into older dog’s things and were attacked leaving them with a fractured jaw. Both pups were also the result of unwanted litters due to not having the parents spayed and neither owner had the resources to provide medical care for these little guys. Thankfully they ended up at the Rascal Team and Rascal Charities took them into their program for medical care. Our awesome friends at ACT Ohio took over their placement into new forever homes once healthy. Both Voy and Mary Jane have fully recovered and are now in a loving home that spoils them rotten. Thanks to your support and donations, these pups are alive.                   


Zelda’s Journey

Rascal Charities helped a pup named Zelda recover from what is believed to be abuse and neglect that had left her with the inability to walk properly on either hind leg. Dr.G again collaborated with Dr. Jon Dyce at The Ohio State University to give this girl the best possible chance of walking and running comfortably. She had surgery on June 11th, 2015 and everything went great. She is able to run and play like a normal dog and has since found a loving forever home.


Spock – Dog Attack Survivor

Rascal Charities helped Spock, a young male cat, recover from serious injuries that occurred as a result of a dog attack. He was found under a porch by his owners after being lost for 2 days and was taken to Rascal Animal Hospital for surgery. He suffered from multiple fractures to his left front leg and a large wound on his front right leg. Everyone thought that Spock would likely have to loose one or both front legs if he even managed to survive the severe infection from the wounds, but thank to our supporters, Rascal Charities was able to financially assist so that Spock could have surgery. After a month and a half at the Rascal Animal Hospital receiving care, he was released to his owners with two healed and fully functional front legs. Thanks to PetFBI for your support during this case (and for the ‘Get Well Soon’ card you sent him).                                  


Casper’s Prosthesis

Rascal Charities helped PetPromise, Inc with the creation of a prosthesis for Casper, a Great Pyrenees pup that was born with a defect of his left front paw. Check out the Daytime Columbus segment to learn more about him.



Maggie is a SharPei that was dumped at the Jefferson County Humane Society overnight at the young age of only 8 weeks. She was blind due to an eyelid condition called Entropion in which the eyelids have extra tissue that folds inwards towards the eye. This causes pain and in Maggie’s case caused so much swelling she could not see.

Rascal Charities obtained her from the Humane Society and covered her surgery. She was able to see immediately after the procedure and was soon after adopted by a great family that loves and spoils her.

Rascal Shelter Rescue


Stay tuned for updates on our projects!